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Shipping Rates :
Hardware Items $0 – $99.99 – $20 flat rate
$100-$1499.99 – $195 flat rate
$1500 and up – Free Shipping
(All shipping rates apply only to the continental USA)

Unique dog kennel
              Unique dog kennel Ready to ship

Accepting Your Shipment

When your request leaves our distribution center we will email you you’re following number. At the point when we transport your request, it will land on a bed conveyed by a business LTL transporter. The trucks are typically semis/tractor trailers/full size 18 wheelers. On the off chance that you need private conveyance, we prescribe having some assistance on location when your shipment shows up. The cargo organization will consider you daily or so before they convey to plan an opportunity to convey. The beds of kennels can be unwrapped on the truck and each kennel board would then be able to be effectively lifted off the truck.

In the event that your request is available, it will as a rule transport inside 1 to 2 days from when we get installment. While we don’t ensure a particular boat date because of outstanding burden and material accessibility, we will give you our best gauge. Don’t hesitate to call us for a report on your request.

Travel Times

The evaluated travel time for your shipment differs on where you are found. A few shipments will land by the following day and some may take 5 to 10 days. Conveyance dates are not ensured by the cargo transporters and they can now and again change a couple of days. Don’t hesitate to call us for help with following your shipment.

Cargo Harmed

While the vast majority of our shipments land in great condition, on the off chance that you do have harm you should note it on the administrative work when you sign for your shipment. On the off chance that you don’t take note of the harm, we won’t have the option to open a case with the bearer. It would be ideal if you keep the harmed part yet don’t dispose of the harmed thing on the grounds that the transporter might need to investigate it. We will likewise require you to send us photos of the harm by means of email to aid the cases process. We will send new parts when we have all the data to document a case with the bearer.


Dropped orders are dependent upon a 25% restocking expense on all things. Transportation expenses are not refundable. Purchasers are liable for all arrival cargo costs. Delivery dates are not ensured. Cargo travel times and conveyance dates are not ensured.