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About Us

Unique Dog KennelsAfter long periods of rearing, preparing, field test, chasing and boarding English Setters and other armed dogs we have had the chance to perceive what works and what doesn’t with most pet items.

In the wake of preparing and owning a few numerous Champion Field Trial dogs you truly start to see the significance of having a protected dog pen and a safe dog kennel condition for your dogs

A key factor to being serious in the field preliminary world is keeping your dogs safe and damage free all through the season, this is the reason we built up our Pro-Series line of excellent dog kennels. Keep your pet sheltered, secure and agreeable and he won’t just be more joyful however he will likewise give you his best every break.

The purpose behind beginning Unique Dog Kennels was seeing the requirement for a quality, top of the line item at a serious cost. Throughout the long periods of field preliminaries and bringing English Setters up in the West Michigan territory I have utilized a few of the present brand dog kennels and dog pens and none of them could hold up to ordinary use in my kennel for in excess of a couple of years before they rusted out and simply self-destructed.

At the point when we reached the providers of these brands they just revealed to me that what we were seeing was a typical future for their items and to simply supplant them with new kennel boards, wrong choice! We will probably make excellent items that are intended to utilize and worked to last.

Unique Dog Kennels structures and makes top notch dog kennels and dog pens that are intended to be utilized and are worked to last!