WordPress Top 10 Best On Page SEO Techniques for : 15+ Do’s and Don’ts to Know

WordPress Best On Page SEO Techniques

WordPress Best On Page SEO Techniques for is here . Today i found some good information on how to best rank your wordpress sites . Below you will find some of the most up to date information to help you .

Unfortunately, in the real world, creating great content alone isn’t a ticket to the top of the SERPs – you also need to optimize that content using on page SEO techniques that you’re going to learn in this post. Basically, on-page SEO provides the foundation upon which all of your other SEO techniques, like link building, grow. If you have a weak foundation, it’s going to be a lot harder for your off-page SEO efforts to take root.

Wordpress SEO
WordPress SEO Best Practice !!!

Your WordPress SEO title and meta description roughly control how your site appears in Google search results, as well as a few other spots.

This the first most important part so read slow ! This tell google what your post and content about , By keeping your keyword in front of the post it inform google what the post is about . SO always include main keyword in the all H tags. Let me give you an example. Here’s one of our posts and its listing in Google: In order to control SEO titles and meta descriptions in WordPress, you need an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO or The SEO Framework.

And here are some do’s and don’ts for optimizing your SEO title and meta description:

Whenever possible, you want to include your target keyword one time in your SEO title and one time in your meta description. Not only does this signal to Google what your page is about, but it also helps human visitors assess whether your content matches what they’re looking for in Google’s search results. Google typically displays around ~50-60 characters from your SEO title and ~160 characters from your meta description in its search results.

But when it comes to your SEO title, you might be better off keeping things well under Google’s limits. Modifiers are little additions like “best”, “2020”, “top”, “free”, etc. They help you rank for long-tail versions of your core keywords by capturing more queries and intent.  If someone is searching for a “WordPress RSS plugin”, there’s a good chance they’ll plug  “best WordPress RSS plugin 2020”. By adding those modifiers to your SEO titles and descriptions, you can give your site long-tail traffic.

Here’s an example of how this can work (the focus keyword highlighted):

Focused on your SEO title, but it’s important to write a unique meta description, too. Unique meta description get ~6% more clicks than those without – so don’t skimp on your meta description! Once you optimize your SEO title and meta description, it’s time to move on to on page SEO techniques. Here are the do’s and don’ts to optimize your content itself…  Stuffing your content with keywords are long gone, but include your target keyword multiple times in your content.

To read the whole top 10 list click below.

On Page SEO Techniques for WordPress: 15+ Do’s and Don’ts to Know

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